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3 min readSep 27, 2022

Online degrees have seemingly exploded onto the scene overnight. While they have received a lot of new funding and development to accommodate the needs of students during lockdowns, the end result is that more young people and adults around the country can study for top degrees — and for less. While the degree itself won’t be much different in price from an on-campus alternative, being able to stay at home or move to a more affordable area can immediately make budgeting easier.

Online Degrees are for Everyone

Online degrees are for everyone. Those who benefit the most, however, are older adults. They may be interested in a career change, or they may simply have finally reached a point where earning a degree has become a good idea. Online degrees have opened up the possibilities for future development for so many, and they’re available at all different levels.

If you decided to skip university to avoid the costs and get started in a personal business venture or to work in a labor-intensive job to start with but have recently decided that route is no longer for you, online degrees are the perfect fit.

Instead of going to night school, now you can learn in the comfort of your own home. If your next goal is to work as a therapist, you can earn an online bachelor of psychology and launch your new career primarily from home. Worried that an entirely online education won’t give you the hands-on experience you need? Don’t. Many online degrees, particularly for those who would work in licensed roles, have a hybrid model that includes laboratory experience or an on-campus residency. These on-campus options are short and work to round out your otherwise online degree.

Online Degrees Are Not New

Though it may seem like online degrees are a new approach to learning, they’re not. There have been remote or distance-learning options long before the internet existed. In the past, your coursework was mailed back and forth. Then technology was introduced, and you could watch programs on your television. By the time the 90s came around, online degrees were a reality — just a poorly constructed one.

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