Choral Reading Fine-Tunes Communication-What Is It All About? | Bright Classroom Ideas

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4 min readMay 8, 2024

There are several techniques that represent a highly significant literacy instruction method, as it helps teachers to develop their students’ ability in reading faster, which is an important aspect of understanding. One such effective and technical teaching method is ‘choral reading’ with which students with the help of teachers can enhance their communicative skills.

When used correctly, choral reading becomes a useful tool for improving fluency in both older and younger children; hence, this technique finds useful application in pre-kindergarten schools. The government authority of UAE, which is responsible for prescribing functional standards for educators, have identified the need for integrating such techniques even to elementary schools in UAE.

What is Choral Reading?

Choral reading is a technique that improves literacy, promotes fluency, confidence and interest in reading among students. In this practice, one student or group of students read the passage together either with or without a teacher. It can be done individually, in small groups or as an entire class. Being engaging to learners, choral reading makes them enjoy it hence encouraging even the poorest readers to take part lively.

The teacher’s involvement in the choral reading exercises would be an ideal opportunity for them to evaluate the collective reading level of the class. They should move around, listen…