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4 min readSep 23, 2022

School closures and the fast rise of online education have been catalyzed by recent troubling times, globally. The question to ask is what unique challenges does online education pose to teachers and students and what can be done to solve them. This is what we will be trying to answer below:

Technical Challenges

Many students are deprived of high bandwidth internet connections that are crucial for online courses and consequently fall behind their virtual classmates who have these facilities. Their outdated computers make it difficult to follow the online guidelines and mediums for education (Moodle, as an example), and their learning experience suffers as a result. Furthermore, the majority of university students reside off campus, making it difficult to keep up with the technical requirements of pursuing a mostly online degree. Some of them do not even possess computers and must seek technical support from external resources. Internet connections need to be stable enough to study effectively and timely and there are few reliable services left these days that offer exactly that, 24/7. Luckily, CenturyLink internet services entail good coverage and bandwidth.

Motivational Hurdles

Self-motivation is a mandatory requirement for eLearning; unfortunately, many online learners, much to their surprise, lack it. Many students fall behind after enrolling in distance learning courses (DLCs) and consider giving up because the hurdles in navigating a technical medium such as online physics classes appear too overwhelming. Students must find the motivation to follow current educational trends while also appropriately preparing for future obstacles in their education and professions. Only a positive attitude can help them overcome the problems of eLearning; whilst this is difficult to practice, students must understand and digest that it is required to reap the benefits of eLearning in the future. As the possibility of online learning starts to solidify itself as a regular option in the coming years, there’s a substantial need to have students grow more accustomed to self-motivation.

Not everyone is Well Versed in Computers