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5 min readMay 12

Learning online is increasingly becoming popular for many reasons. It primarily provides unmatched flexibility, saves travel time and costs, and is a good option for parents who want to advance their studies. The comfort of learning at your pace and space is something traditional courses can’t offer. However, due to these differences, not all courses can be studied on digital platforms. Interactive courses that require a lot of hands-on practice are better done physically.

However, some courses have received immense attention from students willing to study online. With eLearning becoming a popular concept, below are some of the best online courses offered online.

1. Online Graphic Design Courses

Proficiency in graphic design is among the highly demanded skills in various sectors. However, most people don’t know they can learn graphic design online. Those who enroll in online graphic design classes primarily learn the best ways of conveying messages through visual communication using software programs.

Graphic design is a broad component that includes app development, multimedia, web design, and more. Graphic designers can also create promotional brochures, marketing media, logos, and branding materials for companies. Like other online courses, becoming proficient in graphic design requires hard work. Attending virtual classes and reading extensively is prudent.

With an online degree in graphic design, students get access to networking opportunities that can help them in their future internships and careers. Most graphic design programs offered online are at bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The course is generally student-centered and very interactive. Career opportunities available for graphic design graduates include:

  • Animator
  • Advertising art director
  • Production designer
  • Artworker
  • Illustrator
  • Creative director and more

2. Online Engineering Courses

Engineering is a very popular course, and many institutions have introduced online engineering programs to their online courses. However, most online engineering studies are available at master’s and Ph.D. levels. Students with the necessary qualifications can choose from various engineering specialties…

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